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Miriam Schlüter is a psychologist and expert in leadership and team development and knows how to bring together differentiated insights from the business world and psychology in a targeted manner. On the topics of authentic leadership, burnout prevention and high-performing teams, she supports her clients in training, executive coaching and supervision in the context of optimal and targeted use of their strengths and those of their teams. This creates new perspectives and scope for action; effective decisions and their sustainable implementation are made possible.​

Ekvido offers individual consulting services and coaching focusing on HR and organisational development. 

Ekvido consulting and coaching specialise in facilitating change processes and they partner both with managers as well as HR Business Partners.

intakkt offers individual consulting services and tailored psychological solutions for organisations, teams and individuals.

intakkt specialise in topics such as Leadership, communication, HR management, mental health at the work place. they also facilitate change processes and actively support you in a crises or situations of acute emergency.