Petra Buderus


Find out on this page the training courses we offer to companies and organizations as well as the training courses and workshops open to all.​

Relaxation techniques


  • Autogenic training (Schultz)

  • Progressive muscle relaxation (Jacobson)

  • Embodied relaxation nuggets


    Mindfulness techniques


Conflict management


  • Learn about the different reactions to conflicts

  • Discover your preferred reaction to conflict

  • Know the cognitive biases that prevent conflict resolution

  • Manage your emotions in conflict situations

  • Practice using practical exercises to apply the training concepts

Mental health at work


  • Stress management: know your sources of stress and your resources, learn management techniques
  • Burnout - prevention and exit
  • Understanding of mental health concepts for Manager
  • How to deal with addictive behaviors at work



I work in the following areas : 


Depending on the subject of training, courses can take place face-to-face, online or hybrid.

For tailor-made training and the organization of retreats for your teams, please contact me.