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I am fascinated by human beings,  in their relationship with themselves, in a couple and at work. To discover and experience balance in life and work with serenity, also in the context of constant need for adjustment, is my goal in  my work and in my life.​

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I am Luxembourger, born in 1969, of German descent and, in my personal history and my convictions, I am truly and wholeheartedly European. I completed my master's degree in industrial psychology in France in 1994, and gained my first professional experience in 1994 in social work and professional integration in the suburbs of Metz and then in outplacement services for managers in the declining steel industry in Lorraine.


These first two experiences with very different people strengthened my conviction that people are people - in their reactions, needs and ambitions, regardless of their level of qualification, their social level or the fact that they live in a certain environment. Stable or not.


From 1999 to 2015 I worked as a consultant in personnel recruitment and personnel management, then since 2006 in leading human resources management functions in Luxembourg and worldwide in companies in various industries (consulting, auditing, IT and healthcare).


Since 2015 I have turned again to my initial passion, psychology and human mental health at work, and established myself as a psychologist, coach and independent consultant, active in individual and business counseling and consulting.

« People do not come to counseling to change their past but their future »

Milton H. Erickson​

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Throughout my career, I have undergone continuous and advanced training in human resources and psychology and have obtained new certifications as a hypno-systemic consultant and coach for individuals and organizations (Milton Erikson Institut Heidelberg),  systemic body therapy (Scola Bildungsakademie), relaxation techniques (IEK), MBTI (OPP), Crisis interventions (individual and group (UMBC), couples therapy (Institute of schema therapy, Frankfurt). I also followed and obtained the courses of  master's degree in psychology of intervention in Luxembourg (clinical and health psychology option) in continued learning from 2016 to 2018.


I am trilingual and work and advise in German, French and English. I understand Luxembourgish and Norwegian.


My daily passion for my profession and meeting my clients, their diversity not only of nationalities, age groups or genders, but also of attitudes, skills and goals and ways of being in life, are my enrichments which allow me to learn and grow.


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