Tillit for well being playlist !​


Music influences wellbeing by stimulating our brain and emotions. It can activate very rapidly our memory and energy and can help us brighten up our days and moods, as well as allowing deep emotions to come up and let go. With music we can express and share emotions with others !


Oliver Sacks, a physician and author spent 40 years studying the human brain. In his books he describes a host of neurological disorders through the compassionate stories about his patients. In Musicophilia Sacks explains that there is no single musical center in the brain, but rather 20 to 30 networks through every region. No wonder why what sounds harmonious to one, might sound horrible to somebody else.


For me, music influences wellbeing since I can remember and until today music can make me really happy and feel strong. But sometimes it can also make me very quickly be in a state of sadness. Especially some supermarket music, love story music or specific classical harmonies and tones.  Very amazing! So, in these very special times I have put together a playlist for getting positively going, that I want to share with you here.


My preferred song for the moment, I must admit, to be listened loudly after a long day of work is «Whole of the moon»! Let me know your preferred «anti-morosity» song in the comment!


I hope you will like the tillit for wellbeing playlist !