New online courses (Sept. 2021)

Stress management 


Autogenic training 
Basic and Advanced level (NEW)


These online courses consist of each 8 related 1h course units on 8 consecutive weeks for beginners and advanced AT practitioners


According to many scholars, stress is at the root of most  diseases since it lowers the body’s immunity. Stress has a negative impact on mental health as well as the quality of work and your relationships.


These courses will complete my individual coaching and counseling offer so that you can learn and use relaxation techniques independently. Learning how to relax effectively increases your resistance to stress and levels its pernicious effects like tension, anxiety, somatization and sleep issues.


Autogenic training (AT) was first introduced by German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz in 1932. Schultz noticed that individuals undergoing hypnosis entered a relaxed state in which they experienced feelings of heaviness and warmth, and he sought to recreate that state in people to reduce tension and anxiety.


Autogenic means “self-generating” and the primary goal for this technique is to train you to use your body’s relaxation response on your own, as needed. The technique works through a series of self-statements about heaviness and warmth in different parts of the body. Attention is directed to the heartbeat, breath, and other bodily sensations.


Learn the autogenic training conveniently online from home !


 Autogenic Training – Basic level

In this course, the basic level of autogenic training is taught and it is particularly suitable for reducing stress and relieving stress-related complaints and training your own ability to relax.


The course consists of 8 related units of 1 h over 6 consecutive weeks . At the beginning of the course, the webinar room is already open before the start for 15  minutes for exchange and questions in the course group for those who wish. Then the actual course begins.


The AT basic level includes consecutive exercises that are practiced gradually from week to week and ultimately lead to deep and regenerative relaxation states:


  • Rest exercise
  • Heavy exercise
  • Warmth exercise
  • Breathing exercise
  • Cardio exercise
  • Abdominal / body exercise
  • Cool forehead / clear head exercise


Autogenic Training – Advanced

For those who already do have experience with Autogenic Training (from my or other courses) are invited

The approach in the advanced course is more open, searching, less fixed. The means are permissive introspection and gentle immersion for introspection and self-development and contains :

  • repetition of  short summarizing exercise suitable for everyday use, which works within a few minutes
  • additional meditative, imaginations and formulas with the goal of  self-knowledge and personality development.
  • color experiences perception of concrete objects (e.g. a blossoming tree) consideration of ideal values ​​(e.g. love, honesty) self-development through focused questions about oneself such as: “Who am I?” And auto-suggestions: “I am full of confidence.”,
  • sounds
  • information about AT for psychosomatic symptoms


How does it work

You will receive an email from me once a week for 8 weeks with further informations and exercices – in addition, an audio-file for your exercices will be available for download after each course.


The last two sessions (7&8) are will allow to repeat and deepen your practice. The price of the MP3 files is included in the seminar fee of 185 euros. (Their single value is of 25 euros). In the forum in the zoom area of ​​the online seminar you can  exchange ideas with other seminar participants.  During the 6 weeks, I am at your disposal by email if you have any related questions.


Courses start


Beginners as of Monday Septembre 20, 2021 – 12.30 – you can register directly   !


Advanced as of Tuesday Septembre 21, 2021 – 6.30 pm – you can register directly   !


The 8 related (!) lessons take place on a weekly basis via ZOOM and you will receive the corresponding link .

Price:  € 185 VAT incl. for the whole course  of 6 weekly sessions – not reimbursed by the CNS

Number is limited to 15 participants / course – no prerequisits required.


If you wish to have an additional individual session  ( 60 min – 140 € VAT included) to work on individual resolutions and goals, please contact me directly :


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