Summerfeelings in difficult times ?

Hei there,


When finalizing my newsletter and blog updates for this summer ( and I wanted it interesting but light, sunny and deep, just right for taking a break in summer, allow our body and soul to recover before return to work, university, school years of our kids starting again in Septembre) bad weather was coming over a lot of our regions, causing desaster, loss, uncertainty for a lot of us and our family and friends. Last year it was COVID, this year it is COVID and flodding, what will it be next year, I was wondering and also wondering if a summer blog and newsletter was appropriated. Well, I came to the conclusion that “yes” because when it is tough outside, we need even more this mindfulness to recognize and cherish our ressources,develop our coping skills. Trust in that tomorrow will be better, if we do the right things, there where we can influence positively ourselves and others.


So my trainee Mel (talented Bachelor student in Psychology) and I have composed a bouquet of content, things to do, read and listen to in which you might dive into in to create some calm space for and around you. Remember, energy flows where attention goes ! Wishing you a great summer, take good care !




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